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Pooya Energy was established in 2009 by 12 prominent members of the Association Of Petroleum Industry Engineering and Construction Companies (APEC).

The main aim is to introduce the company to the Ministry of Petroleum and it’s affiliated companies as an EPC contractor in both upstream and downstream projects, especially of the Mega size projects. At the same time, Pooya Energy is focusing to enter into international markets, namely India, south America and west Africa.

Considering Iran’s 5th five year development plan and Iran 1404, as a necessity of keeping OPEC quota production and expanding gas export, the Ministry of Petroleum requires more than 250-300 Billion $ investment in upstream and downstream projects in the next 10 years.

Therefore, creation of companies like Pooya Energy will contribute to the execution of the plan to a good extent. Based on shareholders extensive years of experience inside and outside Iran, Pooya Energy is destined for a foreseeable and successful future.