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   A glance at the local contractors’ activities in Iran reveals that there has been some improvement in the quality of services so far. In the meantime, contractors in other countries, particularly in highly industrialized nations, have succeeded to make considerable progress parallel to expansion of world trade through considering in-depth theoretical and managerial aspects of the issue. This explains why in today’s world, general contractors are considered a key element in EPC contracts. 


Although the government has taken measures to solve this problem through commissioning the projects to international contractors, the trend of technology transfer to Iranian contractors has not been satisfactory yet.  


This short passage serves as an introduction to the professional ambition of 18 leading Iranian companies to establish the Pooya Energy Company. Therefore mission of the Pooya Energy Company is to carry out high quality oil and gas mega projects using state-of-the-art technology with an eye on materializing self-sufficiency in this field and preparing the ground for the export of such technical services..

 Boosting Oil Swaps on the Agenda, NIOC Official

  NIOC’s director for international affairs,
Seyyed Mohsen Qamsari, says negotiations are
underway with littoral states of Caspian Sea for
boosting the volume of oil swaps.